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Horsie Blanket

Note: D, if you don’t want to know what your baby shower gift is, don’t read this!

So my sweet friend that is having a baby boy soon is doing a western theme for the baby’s room. I decided I wanted to knit her a baby blanket and I’ve started three and ripped them out, not happy with what I was seeing. Then I found a horse head pattern (Giddy-Up Cloth designed by Amy-lynne Mitchell) through the dishcloth section of Knitting Pattern Central.com and started by making two horse squares, one brown, one beige. I am using worsted weight yarn with size 7 needles.

close up of horse head square

It seemed a little drab so I got a bright yellow skein of yarn and made a textured square with my favorite moss stitch. Then to tie them all together, I used all three colors and made a striped square that makes me think of a horse blanket that goes under a saddle. Here are the first four squares being blocked, although this is not the way they’ll be sewn together.

horse blanket in progress

A total of 16 squares, four of each design/color, should be just right. I need to have this completed for her shower in December so I have a month to get it all knitted, seamed together and edged. I think it’s going to be so cute!


8 Responses

  1. You have such a wonderful eye for design. That was genius to make the one square look like a horse blanket. Your friend will be in hog heaven receiving such a personal gift for her baby. Be sure to post the finished product!

    • I’m excited to see it done. I have never actually made a blanket with squares pieced together before, even though I have several books about them. Will definitely post pictures of it completed!

  2. Love the pattern. How cool for him to have a blanket that no one else will ever have!

    • Hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re right — that is cool! In between unpacking boxes of stuff we stored to do the flooring, cleaning and putting the house back together, I’m knitting like crazy. Have half of the squares done now. Still need to make a couple of Christmas gifts if I can. In-laws arrive sometime this week so not sure how much time I’ll have to knit.

  3. Please show us the blanket when it’s completed. It’ll be fabulous, for sure. Lucky little fellow with such a nice present awaiting his arrival!

    • I’ll definitely post a photo when it’s done. I’m halfway there, at least on the knitting part. So you’ve done patchwork type afghans. When you are seaming together two different color squares, how do you decide which color to use for the sewing? Do you use the mattress stitch (which is what I’ve read in my afghan squares books) or a whip stitch?

  4. This is a beautiful blanket. I love the horse head knit into it. Your work is amazing. I think it will make a great baby gift for your friend.

    • I was looking for a pattern that was somewhat childish, but this one is awesome and, I hope, will grow with him a little more. I am knitting on square 9 out of 16 at this point. Have to fit it in between getting ready for company and Thanksgiving.

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