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He had me at Hot Dog

YD, Hubby and I decided to attend a Cactus League baseball game at Scottsdale Stadium yesterday, Spring training home of the San Francisco Giants. It was around 80 degrees and we slathered on the sunscreen, which was a good thing. There were a lot of people frying out there and will be many sorry, sunburned folks this morning.

Originally, just Hubby and YD had planned to go. I’m not so big on sporting events and I like my quiet time at home. He starts giving me all these reasons to go — I honestly can’t remember anything he said until he hit, “You can have a hot dog!” Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm?!?! I was ready to go in a few minutes.

The Scottsdale Stadium was built in 1992 and is in the middle of downtown Old Scottsdale. It will hold 12,000 people and I think 11,500 were on the lawn with us. Lawn seating is the cheap seats. You bring a blanket, spread it out on the grass, watch the game, watch the fans, and work on your tan. We saw people playing cards, lots of kids rolling down the semi-steep grassy hill and many babies (I guess it is Spring). I even took a small knitting project for when I got tired of people watching — a simple, rolled brim baby hat. I need a fast baby gift for an announcement we just received last week.

I had my hot dog. It was delicious! I ate it so fast, I forgot to take a picture of it. So I took one of some guy at the condiment stand juggling several dogs and fries. And my sweet Hubby tracked down a bag of Cotton Candy — or as he calls it, Polyester Candy — for me, which was hard to do near the end of the game. Supplies were low!

A good time was had by all … except for the San Francisco Giants who were beat by the San Diego Padres … 7 – 0.

Here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday, starting with this parking sign that YD pointed out to me. For some weird, unknown reason, it has a sticker of a ball of yarn on it.


4 Responses

  1. That’s going to be one funky smelling baby bonnet! Lol Good game here last night – Suns win, but not by MUCH! : )

    • When you think about all the other funky baby smells, I’m sure it will be just fine! Missed the Suns game, but glad to hear they won. šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve only been to one baseball game my whole life. Dad took me to a Salt Lake Gulls game when I was in junior high just because I was a huge fan of the Oak Ridge Boys at the time and Richard Sterban (the bass) bought part ownership of the team and was signing programs opening day. I don’t remember the game at all — just gawking at Richard Sterban as he signed my program. I think Dad appreciated being “dragged” to a baseball game.

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