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Ostrich Festival

We went to the 22nd Annual Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, Arizona a few weeks ago. I’ve been having trouble downloading photos off my phone onto the computer until today. It’s one of those simple, annoying solutions — I have to reboot my phone while it’s attached to the computer.

Hubby and I went with YD and her BF and the Granddaughter to the festival. It’s funny, because we kind of thought an Ostrich Festival would have ostriches as far as the eye could see. I think there were six of them — several in a viewing pen and several that they raced. Oh, well. Beyond that, there was the usual great festival fare including food, carnival games and rides. It was fun, we spent way too much money and everyone was exhausted.

Here’s an Ostrich fact sheet, in case you were wondering …

There was a neat little petting zoo and it was definitely spring — lots of cute babies …

An alpaca, which is where some beautiful, soft yarn comes from …

These guys just needed some honk if you’re horny bumper stickers …

We did see an Ostrich Chariot Race …

This may be why they were running …

And no, none of us had an Ostrich Burger. Stuck with my favorite taco fry bread. And for dessert, chocolate and whipped cream covered funnel cake …

Evening carnival rides make everyone a kid again …


2 Responses

  1. Funny! Six ostriches. I suppose the rest were in the burgers..? Thanks for posting the funnel cake picture….please don’t ever do that again. Our fairs don’t start for months yet.

    • Probably — I wonder how many ostrich burgers they sell at the festival every year?!?!

      Seems like we have festivals all year round here, although I’m sure not so many when it’s 110!

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