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Man Cave Parties


A feature story about men “meating” for a new kind of home party was in the Arizona Republic recently. Click here to read the article.

GK-BuffaloSteakFeast-1These are home parties for men, started by a couple of guys in their twenties from Minnesota and Wisconsin, Nicke Beste and Kevin Carlow. You can visit their website at  http://mancaveworldwide.com. Says Beste, “It’s a good excuse to hang out with the guys, drink a few beers, eat some brats and, most importantly, learn some new techniques about grilling.” It’s a Tupperware party for men!

Man Cave T-Shirt with Man Laws on BackThey sell beer, meat, grilling products, marinades, poker playing items and apparel. Who wouldn’t want this studly T-shirt with the Man Laws printed on the back? Here are a couple …

  • Grilling, regardless of weather, is always the first choice for cooking.
  • A man is permitted to build his “Man Cave” in anyway he wishes. However NO “Man Cave” shall ever include: A fridge incapable of holding a case of beer, “Fat Free” potato chips, and any variation of the color pink.

And, ladies, they do sell a few Gifts for Her like an Intimate Night Kit comprised of rose “pedals” (someone over there needs a dictionary to go with their spell-checker) and massage oil. Obviously, a lot of deep thought went into this category!

I’m sure every guy out there has been waiting with beer-bated breath to be a Man Cave Advisor and Host a “Meating.” Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall …


6 Responses

  1. This is too funny! And I love the idea of rose “pedals” for the sweet ladies left at home. Maybe a Tupperware party should be run along with the “Meating”–for leftovers, don’t you know!

    • I love it … but do you think there would actually be any leftovers? The men I know probably wouldn’t leave any!

  2. As always….the brawniest ideas come out of Minnesota…”where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are above-average!” The “Man Cave” is what FDB calls his new apartment….should I be worried?

  3. Believe it or…..well, it’s us, of course you’ll believe it – FDB already has one that he bought at the State Fair. It’s hideous. I’ll have him text you a picture. Brace yourself.

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