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Hoppy Easter

from the Easter Buppies!

and Happy Birthday to my MN BIL … we love you bunches!!!


Speaking of Dog Food

Buddy and the girls

Since my last post was pictures of Louie and Miles chowing down together on dog food, it got me thinking about our Youngest Daughter and her love of kibble. Hopefully she won’t read this. 😉

When she was a toddler and I had my first Yorkie, Buddy, I caught her more than once on her hands and knees in the kitchen, eating dog food out of the bowl — with no hands — with the dog. It was so polite, the way they took turns … I can’t imagine what Buddy thought.

And when she was about 7 years old, we lived in Denver. Hubby traveled a lot for business and used to fly in and out of the old Stapleton Airport back then. We had to pass the Purine Dog Food plant on the freeway to get to the airport.

Once, as we were on our way to the airport to pick up Hubby/Daddy, it was warm, summer and we did not have air conditioning in our car. We had all the windows down and as we passed the Purina plant, the smell wafted into the car with a vengeance. Oldest Daughter and I were gagging, it was so strong and unpleasant.

Youngest Daughter inhaled and said, “I’m hungry!” Still makes me laugh!!!

Wordless Wednesday – Sharing Kibble with My Bro

Wordless Wednesday

The After Bath

Miles with bath head …

Just because they’re so darn cute after their baths and act so crazy, here’s Miles and Louie …

Ain’t No Mattress High Enough

Heaven knows, we love our four-legged babies!

Our Yorkies have little stairs so they can get up on our bed. We got a new mattress in November and it’s about 5 inches higher than our old one. The little guy, Miles, has had some trouble making that last vertical leap up on to the mattress from the top step. And he’s freaked himself out because a few times he’s hit the side of the mattress and then the floor. He paces around the bottom of the steps, trying to work up the courage to go for it. It’s exhausting!

So Hubby decided to make a small platform to raise the steps up a little. As his lovely assistant, I handed him the drill and screwdriver and took photos. 🙂

He bought 4″ fence posts and sanded them …

And sprayed black rubber coating on the bottom so they won’t slip or skid on the tile floor.

And spray painted them to match our bedroom furniture …

He even spray painted the clips and screws he used to attach the stairs to the posts …

Here is Miles checking out the stairs without the cover on …

The frame lined up on the posts …

Attached with conduit clips and screws …

All put together …

With the cover on …

Ready to go next to the bed …

Coming soon to a theater near you … “Dog Stairs: The Movie.”

And that is enough silliness for one day!!!

Wordless Wednesday – Pooch Under a Pillow

Wordless Wednesday

It’s Citrus Time Again

I wrote lemons on the grocery list a few days ago and hubby reminded me we don’t need to go to the store for them right now.

lemon tree

I know it’s hard to tell how big it is, but we pulled over 1,000 lemons off this tree last March. I juiced until there wasn’t a non-sticky spot in our kitchen. We filled freezer baggies with 3-cup portions to make fresh lemonade. I also cook with it all the time. I plan to learn to make lemon meringue pie this year, which is one of hubby’s favorites.

In addition to the lemon tree, we have a grapefruit, an orange and a tangerine tree in our back yard. I’ve pulled two baskets of tangerines off so far.


They’re pretty tasty, but just not big enough to make them worth juicing.

As I was running in and out of the back door, the dogs finally got tired of following me and just watched through the glass.

whatcha doing mom

Yep, it’s citrus time again!