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Wordless Wednesday – Sharing Kibble with My Bro

Wordless Wednesday


6 Responses

  1. Novel – dogs that share! Our beagle’s bowls are across the room from each other. Bucky, the starving teen-ager usually manages to clean out both bowls before DJ know’s he’s been served. Two treats can hit the floor 10 feet apart and Buck will have both of them – should have called him “Flash”.

    • Poor DJ. Is he wasting away? When treats are given here, Louie will body slam Miles across the room and take his treat as it flies out of his mouth. However, he has no problem eating side by side with him and they each get their own fair share.

  2. ahh sweet puppies ! Steph http://www.bargainfun.net

  3. Believe it or not, we only have 1 dog food bowl. They both eat the same amount, so it gets filled and Gryphon usually goes first, then it gets filled again and Hecubus gets his turn. Some days Hecubus is hungrier, so he’ll go first. There’s never a fuss. They sit for treats and concentrate on their own. They are so polite!

    • Wow, they are polite. We have always had at least one dog in our pairs that isn’t a good sharer of treats. Although, I’ve heard there’s no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners. That would be me!!!

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