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Reading the “In Death” Series

Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors — I’ve probably read everything she’s written. In fact, I’m finishing one of her trilogies right now. But she also writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb and I’m absolutely hooked on the “In Death” series. I’ve never been a fan of science fiction and the series is set in the late 2050s, complete with interplanetary travel and hover cars, but they’re more about the people, their relationships and the murders to be solved.

I think I picked up my first book, which was actually book #7, “Holiday in Death,” in 1999 at the used  bookstore — because it had the word Holiday in the title, right? I enjoyed it so much, I went back and got books 1 through 6 and have been buying them ever since. Two per year are released and I generally prefer paperbacks so I’ve collected them all as the paperback editions come out.

I was thinking this morning that it must be about time for the next paperback release and I started gathering up my copies. They were all over the place, on different bookshelves and in different rooms. When I got done, here’s what I had …

28 books containing murder, mayhem, bad guys and good sex.  The main character is New York City Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas. She never had a childhood, which fine tuned her street smarts and made her tough as nails. In the first book, “Naked in Death,” she encounters Roarke, billionaire owner of Roarke Industries, who had a rough and tumble childhood in Ireland, now lives in New York and is single-handedly working on owning just about everything on multiple planets. The sparks flew and they’re still flying!

All I can say is I love these books and someday I’m planning to read every one of them again, one after the other.

  • Naked in Death
  • Glory in Death
  • Immortal in Death
  • Rapture in Death
  • Ceremony in Death
  • Vengeance in Death
  • Holiday in Death
  • Conspiracy in Death
  • Loyalty in Death
  • Witness in Death
  • Judgment in Death
  • Betrayal in Death
  • Seduction in Death
  • Reunion in Death
  • Purity in Death
  • Portrait in Death
  • Imitation in Death
  • Divided in Death
  • Visions in Death
  • Survivor in Death
  • Origin in Death
  • Memory in Death
  • Born in Death
  • Innocent in Death
  • Creation in Death
  • Strangers in Death
  • Salvation in Death
  • Promises in Death

nora roberts aka jd robb

“Kindred in Death” will be released in paperback on March 30th. Yay!



6 Responses

  1. My favorite series is going on book #36…are we okay with “there are worse addictions”, or do we need help?

    • Oh no, there are definitely worse addictions. When my FIL retired, he wouldn’t let MIL sit and read quietly. She told me she’d hide in the bathroom with her book. I found a doorknob hanger that said “Reading – Do Not Disturb” and sent it to her. 😉

  2. Wow, look at that collection!!! You make these sound so good, makes me want to go out and pick a few up right now to read. I’ve got a pile going on already that I’m supposed to be reading… so maybe after that clears out a bit!


    • Isn’t it true that us readers always have a never-ending pile to read? Every now and again, I’ll cut myself off from the bookstore and stay away for weeks. Then, like a drowning person looking for a life raft, I find myself in line with a new stack of books. It’s hopeless!

  3. I had no idea this series existed, but it sounds fascinating and I love the idea of it set in the future. I MUST start these….let’s call it Journey In Death. Thanks for the tip!

    • I just love the characters in these books. Every time I know one is coming out, I start getting antsy and can’t wait to get to the bookstore!

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