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Drip No More

Our exciting Saturday home improvement project was installing new faucets in the master bathroom. We actually painted and retiled our bathroom about 5 years ago, but didn’t replace any hardware. Our water in Phoenix is very hard and tends to leave a lot of mineral build-up. Just recently, both faucets in our double sinks have started leaking. We went from this …

with a relatively small amount of fussing and cussing (at least on my part) — to this …

One thing our Oldest Daughter has told us about is the Simple Green cleaning product. It really does loosen and remove a lot of the gunk and it’s earth, kid and pet friendly. Buy the large concentrate bottles at the home improvement store, then dilute it into spray bottles. Works great!

Many years ago when the girls were young, we rented a house from a wonderful Italian couple. They had a large family and treated us like part of it. We would go over in person to pay rent and they would always have a bag of home-baked treats for us and little gifts for the girls for every holiday. They were so nice! The husband was a plumber by trade and, Murphy’s Law says, the house we rented had continuous plumbing issues. He would come over to fix things like the shower head or the kitchen sink and his Italian-accented comment that we still use to this day is …

“It’s the got-dam spigot, the got-dam spigot!”

You know, it’s a darn good thing that hubby can do these fix-ups around the house because it’s a man’s job! Have you watched the new show “The Marriage Ref?” The episode from last week had Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld and Eva Longoria-Parker as judges, refereeing disputes sent in by married couples.

The one that really got to us was a couple who had only been married for 8 months. She has the formal dining room set up with all the fancy trappings (including the place settings) for Thanksgiving and that is the only time of the year that anyone is allowed to use that table! No kidding … she actually has a couple of chairs set up near the table so she can sit and reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday all year round. Her husband suggested that he might play cards with friends on it and she nearly popped a vein.

Another issue with the same couple was that the wife felt the husband should handle everything outside the house, including building a porch. She said that since he is a man, he should just know how to do this stuff. She even bought him a porch kit but he said the instructions were in Japanese so he couldn’t read them.

Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld sided with the husband and Eva Longoria-Parker sided with the wife. It was hysterical. We laughed so hard, we had to keep rewinding and playing it over so we could catch all that they were saying. Definitely a show we’ll keep watching!


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  1. Very impressed! We had to replace ours, too, and called a plumber to do it. Paid big bucks and saw strange cracks!

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