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Secret Project

I’ve started knitting a secret project this week. Here’s a preview …

Finished my Knitted Neck Scarf – this is a great little pattern and a fun, easy project …

… and I dropped one of my most favorite coffee cups in the sink the other night and it broke. SIGH …

Makes me so sad! When I last visited Middle Sister and her family — over the 4th of July weekend in the mid-West so it was toasty out — I used this adorable snowman coffee mug. I love any and all things Christmas-y so this coffee cup made me smile the whole time I was there. Then after I got back home to Arizona, I received in the mail this coffee cup full of chocolates. That is so sweet and will forever bring a tear to my eyes. And it just slipped out of my soapy hands and cracked in the sink. I will never do dishes again!!!


4 Responses

  1. Love your little scarf. I have one just like it on my to-knit list (which is very, very long). Oh, I’m so sorry about your mug. I hope you can replace it with one you love as much!

    • I think all of us knitters probably have ridiculously long to-knit lists. Goes with the territory. 😉

      With all of the bad things going on in the world, I can’t believe I was so upset about my coffee cup … but it was so special to me. Every day when I poured my coffee and held it in my hands, I could see myself sitting at my sister’s house, laughing and visiting and feeling loved. And even more so when I got back home and they sent it to me. It was a cup of love and I miss it.

  2. Well….we have plenty of coffee cups here. You’ll just have to come and make memories with another one! : )

    • We have plenty of coffee cups here, too … just none that special! I would love to come make memories with another cup!!!

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