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Knitting and TV Watching

I’ve had the house pretty much to myself this weekend and have been happily knitting myself into a coma while “holding the remote control” and laughing like a mad woman. Let me say first that I have not felt compelled to tune into the Olympics even once. It’s been Lifetime, the Food Network, A & E and true crime shows. This morning I watched “The Net,” which is an older Sandra Bullock movie where she plays a computer nerd whose identity is stolen through the computer. She is drawn into murder and mayhem and no one will believe her. This is very similar to the Jeffrey Deaver book I read recently, “The Broken Window.” Good and scary stuff!

Since I took the Funky Footsies knitting class, I have been on a mission to single-handedly pump out cozy chunky socks. Somebody stop me!

I started with a turquoise pair that I gave to a friend when we met for lunch last week. Bless her heart, she loves to receive handmade stuff and promptly whipped off her shoe, put on her sock, threw her leg up on the table and posed for a picture in the restaurant. Another pair went to the Granddaughter because purple is her favorite color of the moment.

Funky footsies for granddaughter and friend JEH - February 2010

YD requested a pair in charcoal gray with no frou frou stuff on top. If I did not know for certain that the only 9 pound 3 ounce baby in the nursery was mine the day she was born, I would think she’d been switched at birth.

Charcoal gray non-funky footsies for YD - February 2010

And a pair for a neighbor who is going through a serious health crisis …

Funky footsies for neighbor - February 2010

I just love the decorative yarns in the tops of these socks. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re available any longer — I’ve had them for some time and pulled them out of my stash.

I was visiting some of my favorite knitting blogs yesterday and as I read Mason-Dixon Knitting, I saw that they’re making these adorable little Knitted Neck Scarves. I’ve seen them pictured before, but never had a pattern. They offered this link to the pattern on the Martha Stewart Living website. Of course, I immediately had to start one. After again raiding my stash, I’m using a sport weight baby yarn that has a sparkly thread running through it as a test run.

It’s a very simple pattern and the little pocket that you knit into the scarf to pull the end through is ingenious!

To make it all even more cozy, along with the non-stop knitting and temporary ownership of the remote control, it has rained constantly. Everything from a little drizzle to the roof pounding kind that strains the palm trees and makes the dogs stare out into the darkness and growl. Kinda nice, kinda creepy!


2 Responses

  1. The socks are awesome! Your rain is probably from our fast-melting snow…sorry. Our snowmen look like they’re on the Atkins Diet. SPRING IS COMING!

    • I hesitate to even tell you this, but it is 75 degrees today and I’m wearing short sleeves. We have a short, sweet Spring before the 100 degree temps hit for the summer. It has been an exceptionally wet winter for us, though.

      The socks are so much fun. Eventually, everyone in the family will have some!

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