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Next In Line, PLEASE

Okay, I haven’t ranted in a while … and it’s time.

Every retail store out there should train their checkers that when they open a new check stand, they should GO GET the next person in line and walk them over to their line.

I have been to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and PetSmart recently, standing in line when a new check stand opened. Every time, shoppers who haven’t been waiting in line at all have walked right up and into the new line, getting checked out and leaving the store before those of us still standing in line. It is so frustrating. And even more frustrating is the fact that when I (or someone else in line) mentions it, they don’t really seem to care.

Kudos to Joann’s craft store for doing this correctly! They have a single line entrance into their area of check stands so it’s always fair and they treat their customers right. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and PetSmart need to go back to customer service training school and initiate some new store policies. That is, if they really care about providing good customer service to all of their customers.

I have previously owned and operated a retail store so I have been on both sides of this issue. I would be more than happy to discuss this with any retail store manager or owner out there. Leave a comment and let’s talk …


3 Responses

  1. Our Marshall’s stores have computerized, talking check-out lines. Some robo-lady with a British accent tells you when and where to report for check-out – it’s rather intimidating. We’re not going to be reading about you snapping in public someday and pulling an uzi out of your purse, are we?

    • That British accent just makes everything classier, doesn’t it? Bond, James Bond, please report to check stand 3!

      No uzi … possibly knitting needles. Boy, that’d be great on 20/20, wouldn’t it? I’m actually better with words. As the kids were growing up, every time something would tick me off, I’d write a letter. They’d beg me not to. Once in her freshman year of high school, OD had a teacher that mixed her up with a girl who was constantly cutting class. I got a call from the vice principal and, of course, was ready to rip OD’s head off. After she explained to me what really happened, that she was being marked absent in error, I wrote a letter to the school. The principal and staff had this teacher come down to the office and apologize in person to her. I think she is still traumatized by it. 🙂

  2. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

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