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Legend of the Stick Lizard

I have to share another bit from Clay Thompson’s Arizona 101 column. I love this …

“A stick lizard, as many an old-time Arizonan can tell you, scurries along the hot desert floor with a stick held crossways in its mouth.

The stick serves two purposes. When a lizard comes to a burning stretch of sand, it uses the stick to sort of pole vault over the hot part, thus preventing burns to its little lizard feet.

The stick also is used for self-preservation. If the lizard is attacked, the crossways stick prevents the predator from swallowing the lizard.

This stick-lizard business is old-timer, tall-tale hooey of course, but it amuses the tourists.”

Taken from the Arizona Republic. Thanks again, Clay Thompson!


8 Responses

  1. I had no idea there were lizards who carried sticks. How creative of them. I bet it’s a sight to see one pole vaulting. 🙂

  2. Kind of like “cow tipping” in Wisconsin, eh?

  3. I remember believing in jackalopes (jackrabbit with antlers) as a child. You 2 should remember that legend!

  4. Remember telling small, impressionable me that when you eat, your food falls from your mouth into your stomach…and if it hits your heart you die? Maybe that explains why I’m a lousy cook…I’m still afraid of food.

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