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Wordless Wednesday – Pooch Under a Pillow

Wordless Wednesday


22 Responses

  1. Funny stuff–now that is the way to sleep.

  2. The sweater is just too much. Did he knit that himself?

    • We may be in Arizona, but it still gets chilly … and he just had a haircut a few days ago. He’s practically been knit right into a sweater because he likes to sit ON MY LAP while I knit, which is nearly impossible. As much a prodigy as Louie is, he is no knitter — yet.

  3. Cute! Great WW shots!

  4. awwww…what a cutie….

  5. A dog after my own heart!!

  6. How cute!!! Best place in the house to sleep. =D

  7. Just the smile I needed today! And I want to see pictures if you do manage to get that dog knitting!

  8. I am such a sucker for pictures of dogs!

  9. Pooches are the best!

  10. Aw, what a cutie! Great shots.

  11. Cute photos! Our little dog sleeps like that too, haha.

    • Louie, that is pictured under the pillow, sleeps way down underneath the comforter at night. I used to worry about him suffocating, but that’s where he likes to sleep.

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