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What’s Cookin’ — Crostini Caprese

The Crostini Caprese I made for book club was so good, I decided to do it again this evening just for the two of us.

most of the ingredients

first toasting in the oven

ya gotta love that pesto

ready to nosh on

So good … I’ll be making these many, many times!


8 Responses

  1. Your blog makes me hungry. I’ve wondered before about the lovely simplicity of living on a few basic, local foods like they did in the “old days”. Of course, up here that would be soy beans and venison. For you, lizard and cactus. Maybe not.

    • Makes me think of “Under the Tuscan Sun” … and now I’m going to have to read it again!

      Don’t forget citrus fruits and pinto beans. 😉

  2. Mmmm…sauteed lizard and cactus, with a side of pinto beans, followed by orange jello with mandarin oranges. What wine would you serve with that?

  3. For us, it would be salmon, hazelnuts, apples, and rainwater. I think I live in a tastier part of the country!

  4. I could live on salmon.

    • I don’t ever remember eating fish — other than breaded fish sticks or McDonald’s fish sandwich — when we were growing up. And for a long time I resisted eating salmon, just gagging at the thought of how fishy it would taste. Then YD taught me how to poach salmon in lemon juice and white wine and I love it. We vow to eat it once a week with steamed broccoli … it’s a good thought, anyway. 😉

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