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A Little of Knit, a Little of That

My baby sister toured the Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon, recently and sent me a special photo …

A lovely knitting display with yarn and needles on a beautiful quilt. The Lion Brand book is from 1916! I use Lion Brand yarn and patterns all the time. Aren’t we glad they’re still around?

Speaking of knitting, here is the completed Horsie Blanket with an edge crocheted in each of the 3 colors. Finished size is 38″ by 42″ and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. The baby shower is on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it! I would just like to thank Amy-lynne Mitchell for the free Giddy-Up Cloth dishcloth pattern that inspired this blanket. The beige and dark brown squares are the horse’s head design.

And speaking of babies, this item was in an article written by a terrific columnist from The Arizona Republic, Clay Thompson. His column is called “Valley 101” and he answers questions from readers, usually with a note of hilarity.

Question from reader: I was reading that a baby was born on a Southwest Airlines plane recently that was then diverted to Denver. What would be the place of birth on the certificate, the place the aircraft was flying over or the city it landed in?

I did not know the answer to this — do you?

Clay Thompson’s answer: I’m glad this happened on a domestic flight because if it had been an international flight it would have involved complicated stuff called jus soli and jus sanguinis. If you think I am going to try to explain those to you for 75 cents, much less spell them again, you are sadly mistaken.

As far as I can tell, in general, when a baby is born on an airplane or some other public conveyance, the birth is registered in the state in which the plane first lands or the bus or train stops.

If you ask me, this is another good reason to stay off airplanes. And to stay away from airports. I hate airports. It’s not the birth-certificate thing but rather the idea of some baby being born on your flight. Aren’t there enough babies on airplanes as it is?

Thanks, Clay Thompson, for the info — and the laugh!


4 Responses

  1. Clay Thompson’s answer is hilarious! I just love your horse blanket. It’s perfect–so cheering and bright. What a lovely gift it’s going to make.

  2. Well done. It’s beautiful!

    • Thank you … it’s my first blanket made of knit squares. I figure it took around 58 hours to complete with the knitting of squares, seaming together and crocheting the border. Whew!

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