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A Sneak Peek

Hubby had a cold over the weekend and I managed to catch it just about the time the tile guys were driving up Monday morning. Have been wandering around here in a cold medicine haze with snot for brains. Nonetheless, great progress has been made on the laying of tile. Here are a few photos, starting with the kitchen looking toward the entryway and office.


Next is the dining room. I just love that spice cake paint color. And the warmth of the gold tile makes me very happy!


Can’t wait until we’re done. We will be dismantling the office soon, which means all the computer equipment is getting disconnected so we can move the furniture out of the room. But, in the infamous words of the Terminator — I’ll be back!


6 Responses

  1. That is GORGEOUS! You will be thrilled with your “new” house! Where is your furniture – in the pool?! Great opportunity to spring clean – moving EVERYthing. Your poor puppies must have checked themselves into a doggie motel – wonder who will christen the new tile first! 🙂 Hang in there.

    • In the pool is probably a good idea since it would help wash all the dust off. It’s in the garage and on the back patio. Pretty much everywhere. The dogs are nervous wrecks. The tile cutting saw has been running for 4 days now and every time a door bangs or something makes a noise, they jump 4 feet in the air. I’m sure they’ll manage to pee or vomit on one of the area rugs since the carpet is gone. I always thought it was funny how they would race across 20 feet of easy-to-clean tile to puke up grass on the edge of the carpet.

      This process is going to take longer than expected — surprise!!! — so they’ll still be here through most of next week, I believe. But every day is one step closer to finished. Yay!

  2. When oldest son was about 4, he fell asleep on his back on the living room couch. He’d had a cold, and woke up croupy/coughy. He got up, walked around the coffee table, around a bean bag chair, across the entire living room….and puked in my lap. Kids and pets are God’s chief character-building tools!

    • A similar story — when oldest daughter was about 4, she woke up crying and walked into our bedroom. Just as I turned on the light and sat up, she threw up across the foot of my bed — this was after throwing up in her bed — so we had to strip both beds and wash sheets and blankets half the night. But a funny one is when granddaughter was about 3, she blew chunks in the hallway and into the bathroom doorway — major splatterage. I had come screeching into the hall about then and she looks up and me and says, “Nana, I growed up.” We still say that one all the time.

  3. Your tiles look absolutely fabulous. Good for “growing up” on too (just in case)! Love your blog!

    • Thanks so much. After eleven years of plain white walls and white floor tile, all this color is exhilarating. We have about one more week of construction type mess and then we can clean it all up and put everything where it goes — just in time for Thanksgiving. Yay!

      Oh yeah, cleaning up kid and dog “grow up” on tile is much better than carpet any day!!!

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