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Happy Halloweenies

Hope you have an exceptionally


and your candy consumption doesn’t leave you like this …


Cartoon Cottage http://www.cartooncottage.com/html/halloween.html

Free Gifs & Animations http://www.fg-a.com


4 Responses

  1. Stay out of the trick-or-treat candy this year! : )

    • This is the first year since I was 17 that I haven’t actually bought any Halloween candy. So staying out of it won’t be a problem!

  2. We go for the 50% off stuff the day after! Don’t tell my kids that they’ve been getting two-month old candy in their Christmas socks for years…

    Our neighbors next door and across the street LOVE Halloween – it looks like Times Square here. A few more decorations and they would have blown the power grid.

    • It has gotten quieter and quieter around here for Halloween. There aren’t many little kids on our street anymore. I used to put up tons of decorations, stringing cobwebs all over the front porch and sound-activated monsters. My favorite, though, was playing scary music and creepy sounds through the front window. Sometimes little kids wouldn’t even come up to our door without their parents. 😮

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