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Hocus Pocus

Hocus PocusFor at least the last 5 years, the granddaughter and I plan one night a year to watch “Hocus Pocus.” It gets us mentally ready for Halloween and feels like Fall. My youngest daughter joined us this year and we had our annual “Hocus Pocus” extravaganza.

This movie is so much fun and so campy. I love all three of the witches played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, it’s about the Sanderson sisters, three witches who have been put to death for sucking the life out of children. A curse they had made will allow them to return to life when a virgin lights a candle in their house on Halloween — All Hallow’s Eve. It takes 300 years for this to happen and they make the most of their night.

brownies and caramel applesOne of my favorite parts of the movie is when the witchy sisters are escaping from the school and their special brooms have been taken by some trick-or-treaters so they fly away on a broom, a mop and a vacuum. Cracks me up every time. The music is fun, too. I find myself channeling Bette Midler, singing “I Put a Spell on You” for days after viewing.

So we made a pot of tomato soup and some wonderfully gooey grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Then tried a brownie mix I had a coupon for — Pillsbury Brownie Minis. Perfection. Then we dipped caramel apples, although we were all too full to eat them right away. Used Concord Foods Microwave Caramel Apple Kit, which is great. Comes with sticks and a tub of caramel. Couldn’t be easier.

ready to seam sleeves

ready to seam sleeves

On a knitting note, I finished baby sister’s birthday shrug. It is very cute and very warm. First long-sleeved shrug I’ve made. This one is completely hand-knit but I think I’ve figured out how to do most of it on the knitting machine, which is so much faster; then I’ll add the collar ribbing and maybe the cuffs by hand.

Her birthday isn’t until the end of November, but I think I’m going to have to send it in advance. It’s chilly enough to wear it now so why wait?

Although the yarn is so dark it’s hard to see the detail, here is a photo of my youngest daughter modeling it.

completed simple shrug


4 Responses

  1. Beautiful shrug! Getting worried that my niece’s head has fallen off – have seen only her hands and boobs on this blog for quite a while….

  2. I so want to be in on your next “Hocus Pocus” ritual!!!

    Yes! Send it! I’m cold now!!!!! This apartment is like living in a cave. In Alaska. Northern Alaska. And I’ll look so stylish while keeping warm….bonus! I’ll send you a picture with me modeling it for your knitting notebook, too. Would you like my head attached or not?

    • I look forward to the Hocus Pocus night so much every year. I’d love it if you could be here!

      Will send it soon. Yes, please include your head!!! I only post photos on the blog without heads/faces.

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