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Gold Push Pins

As we have been rehanging pictures and plaques and decorations after painting the walls, I wasn’t happy with all of the hangers we were using. I like to hang small, light-weight decorative items on push pins. They pop in and out of the wall very easily (you don’t need a hammer), have colors that can blend nicely and are inexpensive. Our home office is painted a very dark green and we have used green push pins that look great.

I decided with our new wall paint colors that I would like gold, but shopping for gold push pins was an exercise in futility so I decided to paint my own. Bought metallic paint at Michaels for $1.39. Found a piece of styrofoam to push them into while painting and drying.

painting push pins

Put on a first coat of gold paint over clear push pins and they were a little patchy looking. Let that dry for half-an-hour, then put on a second coat. It looked much better.

gold push pins

I am very pleased with the way they turned out. Here is a serenity prayer cross that I have over my kitchen desk, hung with a newly-painted gold push pin on our newly-painted Plateau walls. Didn’t take much “courage to change the things I can” with this project. Just a little do-it-yourself time.

serenityprayer cross


2 Responses

  1. You’re brilliant! Just love your gold push pins! And I like your serenity prayer cross, too!

    • I wasn’t so sure when I started that it was going to work but, happily, they look pretty darn good. That cross is a favorite of mine. Thanks so much!

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