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Painting and Snowflakes

So we made great headway on the family room and kitchen yesterday. The kitchen actually slowed us down because of all the dismantling of curtains and blinds from the windows and taping around all the windows and the cupboards. I am thrilled with the color. It is soft and warm and has a bit of a glow to it. Here’s a picture of the big wall in the family room during the painting process. This is the 14-1/2 foot high ceiling.

painting the famiy room

And I received my package of snowflake charms from China that I intend to embellish our Christmas cards with. They are exactly what I wanted and took less than 2 weeks to arrive.

snowflake charms from china

santa hat smiley faceNow I just have to come up with a clever verse, layout the card, do the printing, assemble the cards with ribbon and charms, do the addressing, buy some cute holiday stamps (I loves me some cute holiday stamps) and I’m ready to go. Once I get all this done, they’ll probably be in the mail by Christmas Eve. You know there are ONLY 81 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT ‘TIL CHRISTMAS … let the panic begin!

I thought the customs declaration label was kinda cool …

shipping label from china


7 Responses

  1. Very nice. Good job – especially the taping. : ) What flavor…I mean color is this paint? Don’t you wish paints came with your favorite permanent scents? I would do cinnamon roll in the kitchen and myrrh in the living room!

    • This one is Plateau, which is more desert landscape, I suppose. But Cinnamon Roll scented paint? You know how they say find a niche and fill it? I think you’ve come up with an incredible new product idea. Mmmmmm … vanilla, apple pie, coffee … I love it!!!

  2. My first thought about scented paint was, “I’d buy it!” But then I remembered working as a floral designer. Customers would come into the shop, inhale deeply, and say, “You must love working here surrounded by this wonderful smell.” And we would sadly shake our heads and tell them we couldn’t smell it anymore after being exposed on a daily basis. Sensory overload. We could only smell an individual flower if we put it right up to our noses. Sad but true. But I like the way you think!

    Can’t wait to receive my “charming” Christmas card!

    • That is so true. Probably like working in a food place. I knew a kid who worked in a pizza place and he said that he’d eaten so much of it, he couldn’t gag it down anymore.

  3. Way to crush my budding dreams, guys….

    • There will still be a million-and-a-half people who want to buy it — go forward with the experimenting and prototype!!!

      I just saw a bumper sticker on a big SUV at the grocery store that read “I’m only speeding because I really have to poop.” Way TMI.

  4. Would put that in the top ten worst things to deal with in everyday life – being stuck in traffic when you REALLY GOTTA GO!

    Another one….someone farting on the “up” escalator above you (still recovering from the experience).

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