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Donny Osmond Rocks!

I was so thrilled to see that Donny Osmond is a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” this season. Maybe because I lived for a number of years in Utah, I have always been a big fan of the Osmonds. I was pulling for Marie on DWTS a couple of years ago and just about had a heart attack when she fainted and hit the floor. I watched the “Donny & Marie” show in the 70s and sang along to “Puppy Love” and “The Twelfth of Never.” I watched him do a craft project with Martha Stewart on her show a few years ago.

And I am so glad that Donny is doing well on this show. At 51, he is the second oldest contestant this season and his “Secret Agent Man” routine was great. He was entertaining and looked light on his feet. In fact, I think he got cheated out of a few points by the judges. He did just as well as Aaron Carter, who at 21 is the youngest contestant this year.


Go, Donny! Show ’em how it’s done!!!


10 Responses

  1. Remember when my room was literally WALLPAPERED with his toothy smile? I was so sure he was going to marry me. LOL Wonder how many kids he has? I think the Utah economy survived on the Osmond family alone for quite a while!

    • He’s still dreamy! Not sure how many kids he has, but when he was on Martha Stewart a few years ago, he introduced his first grandchild.

  2. I love Donny Osmond too. Did you see him on the DVD–“Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Royal Albert Hall Celebration”? He sang songs from “Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat”–was so sweet with the kids he sang with! Can’t believe he’s a grandfather.

    • I’ll have to watch him on that. Thanks for the suggestion. He really is a cute grandpa. I always think Donny seems so cheerful and sweet and just plain nice.

  3. (baby sis rolling her eyes) oh, you 2! Yeah, I watched The Donny and Marie Show as a young’un, but I swear I never had a crush on Donny. I must admit I was surprised how well he is doing on DWTS. (I vowed never to watch a reality show, but now I’m admitting for all to read that I’m addicted to DWTS and America’s Got Talent.) I just hope they make Donny wear purple socks ; /

    • You were probably just too young for the Donny Osmond craze back then. So who was your heart throb? And I am missing the reference to purple socks. Did they make Donny wear purple socks on their variety show?

  4. I remember pulling up at Symphony Hall to pick up little sister after a Rick Springfield concert. A hardened life-criminal couldn’t have hijacked me for all the money in my purse any better. That girl wanted a CD and she wanted it NOW! Hey…did you ever pay me back…..?

  5. This sounds so wrong but I don’t think the older people ever win, do they? I mean at first it is a popularity contest and they do well, but after a bit it turns out to be more for ability and the younger ones seem to adjust and fine tune better. Or am I just totally sticking my foot in my mouth here?

    • Would that be your dancing foot? No, you’re right. It’s usually the young, athletic contestants that win, but as an over 50 viewer, I always root for the old folks!

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