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But it’s not …

This is really juvenile, but I just can’t help myself.

Mark PeelWhile watching Top Chef this week, the guest judge (Mark Peel, owner of Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles) was tasting potato dishes created by the contestants. He says to one of them, “This could be very gluey, but it’s not.” BUT IT’S SNOT!

This is one of the goofy, hilarious things I grew up with. My dad would say things like, “You think it’s a grilled cheese sandwich, but it’s snot,” and we would roll on the floor. And it seems it still cracks me up today, all these years later. We had to pause the Top Chef recording so I could just laugh for a few minutes. Thanks, dad!


4 Responses

  1. You should see four sets of eyeballs rolling at my house when the family sense of humor surfaces! Years ago I sat with my in-laws watching “Joe the Green Grocer” on PBS (no, I don’t know why). He was using his best “Vetch-tebbles” to make a salad, and started by saying, “First, you take a leek….” I was blowing snot, eyes streaming, as they looked at me with “humor her” smiles. Thanks, Dad!

  2. By the time I was in high school, I would groan (along with a smile) whenever Dad did the “It’s snot” routine. Now, I think it’s hysterical again and I’m sure I got my appreciation for puns from Dad.

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