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Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!

Cowgirl with rope



Just a quick Hi, Howdy and Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister.

Have a beautiful day. Love you bunches!




Also, mom found and sent a photo of one of my cute Chicken Scratch embroidered dresses from when I was little. See my post from Sunday, August 30th: “The Flow of Creativity – Teach Someone Something Today!”

Thanks, Mom! Love you, too!

As a young cutie pie in my Chicken Scratch embroidered outfit

As a young cutie pie in my Chicken Scratch embroidered outfit


5 Responses

  1. Thank you! Whole bunch of new things to wear and carry. I look like a 48-year-old million bucks!

    Love the dress – do you still have it? Did Grandma use the pink tape to cut your bangs? : )

  2. Mom used the pink tape on my bangs. Do they even still make that stuff? And it makes you wonder why, as an adult, I have NEVER had bangs!

    • I haven’t seen the pink stuff for years, but I haven’t really looked for it either. I do have bangs, but I have very strict rules about how short they can be. The lady who cuts my hair just rolls her eyes because I always lecture her about the length before she starts.

  3. I do the classic side-swoop. But, I can’t stand to see them in my peripheral vision -drives me nuts. And I don’t have far to drive…

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