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Knitting with Skanks

Yarn Balls

Yarn Balls

A while back, I was rolling yarn balls from leftover pull skeins. My sweet hubby offered to help — he’s really good at it.

When we were finished, he noticed another skein of yarn on the coffee table and asked me, “Are you done with that skank? Do you want me to roll it too?”

Oh, yes, he did! Apparently, when I said skeins, he heard skanks. Hmmmmm.


8 Responses

  1. Hahahaha!

  2. Haha, oh he cracks me up! Sounds like something Brennon would do!

    • Husbands can be good for laughs … just wait ’til the baby starts talking. Never ending source of amusement. 😉

  3. We still like to yank Lacey’s chain by elbowing her when we see words spray-painted on walls and saying, “Look, more geography!” (a twist on words when she was younger)

    • I need to do a post on the funny things kids say. Youngest daughter, around 10 years old, had chocolate smeared on her face. Oldest daughter commented on it and youngest says to her in this snarky voice, “It’s good for my complex.”

  4. Freudian slip? Innocent miscommunication? Whichever it is — very funny!

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