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Funny Things Kids Say – Jaws

We recently saw a commercial for Shark Week and had to laugh, remembering this …

When our granddaughter was around 4 years old, we were watching TV and a trailer for the original “Jaws” movie came on. It came to the part (about 1:50 on the video clip) where the girl is swimming alone at night and the shark grabs her and drags her around while she screams bloody murder.



I froze and looked at the kid, thinking, “Oh no, this is going to scare the daylights out of her.” She was intently watching the screen and all of a sudden the girl goes under for the last time and it’s dead quiet.

I was holding my breath, wondering if she’d start crying or what she’d say. She looked at me and said in a very nonchalant manner, “Well, that didn’t take long.” It didn’t even faze her!


4 Responses

  1. My inlaws fell asleep with the TV on one evening when my young son was at their house. Jaws came on. He watched it and I spent the next several years trying to convince him that sharks couldn’t be under his bed because there is no WATER there.

    • I remember my kids turning off the bedroom light by the door and jumping — I swear at least 6 feet — across the room onto the bed so nothing could grab their feet from under the bed.

  2. We finally let Robby watch “Gladiator” when he was about 10-11, but we watched it with him to make sure it wasn’t too much. He sat calmly through all the body parts flying, people being eaten by tigers, blood splattering, etc and seemed ok. There is one kiss in the entire movie that lasts all of 3 seconds. THAT’s when he threw his hands over his face and yelled, “EWWWW!!”

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